Wednesday, November 01, 2006

SUPER! you didn't know I knew about grape juice did you?

So I was in my house yesterday and I forget what I was doing at the time, I may have been eating or going to the bathroom I do both a lot, when I hear my sister call for me to help her put the dogs away. Or did my brother call for help? Well either way I got my act together and tried to help wrangle our insane dogs as fast as possible. As I was trying to accomplish this near insurmountable feat I found myself wondering, "Why are these dogs barking and acting like complete asses?" then it hit me there were actually trick or treaters at our door.

The house we live in is on a hill. This has deterred many a trick or treater over the years. Most kids these days, with the video games and morbid obesity, will not even bother to get off the couch to get a drink let alone climb a hill to get some free candy on a cold October night. So I was shocked when I realized that we had a few trick or treaters standing on our front porch. I doubled my efforts to get control of the two great beasts that we like to call dogs. "Meatloaf!" I screamed. "AJ get over hear!" I yelled. Nothing seemed to be working to calm these mighty hounds of hell.

Then my sister, or brother, said that the kids had left. I was disappointed. Just because two rabid mongrels are barking a holy hell in your direction does not mean you can give up the quest for candy. You suck it up and you get that damn candy. I don't care if you get bit and have to get like ten needles to cure the rabies the next day, you stay on target and you get that candy. Use the force Luke. Think about it.

Anyway, I had this picture and I thought it kind of fit. This image is called The Bubblegum Hero. I started out this image by drawing a sketch in pencil. I then inked it with red and black ink. Then I scanned it into the Motherbox to be colored.

The look on this guy's face, in my mind, must have been similar if not the exact same face those kids had on my porch. Poor little kids, all they wanted was a Snickers. Sorry kids that tried to trick or treat at my house. I swear next Halloween that my dogs will not scare any candy lovers away.

Mmmm its purple,


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