Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Patricks school photos...

This studious looking fellows name is Patrick. Patrick happens to be a Liger (click the link for info). For those to lazy to click and read here is the quick version of Patrick's origin. His mother is a tiger that felt the need to have some hot lion loving from Patrick's dad. The best thing about Patrick is he gets the best of both lion and tiger powers. He can swim like a tiger and is good at making friends like a lion. And he is totally huge. Ligers can be the size of their mother and father combined. That is SICK.

Despite all of these facts Patrick is a down to earth person, as you can tell from this picture. He likes english class, going to the mall, watching Pete & Pete, and playing water polo with his pals. Patrick is also an important member of the model UN as well as the founder of his schools bee keeping society. In his spare time he also writes hit plays. Patrick is a pretty happening cat.

This picture is from photo day at school. Patrick's mother wanted him to get the library background. She said it made him look very handsome. While not really caring all that much about looking handsome Patrick did want to make his mother happy. He figured if he did that he would get the bike he had been asking for. Nice move Patrick, you are a super genius.

This is the photo background that Patrick really wanted to get. I think this makes him look like a super bad ass. Rock on my little viking.

Here is a video about some of Patrick's relatives. They ate that dude in the video, this is old footage. watch or die.

Here is a bonus photo. This is a pic of a Tigon being created. Tigon's are not that cool.

Have a happy and Liger filled Thanksgiving. Let's celebrate the Native Americans helping the Pilgrims out when they couldn't cut it. That may have been the biggest mistake ever in the history of people. Make sure to eat a lot so you can put on some major holiday weight.



Anonymous GTW said...

poor patrick, it must have sucked for him when he found out that the laser background option for the school photo was just actually a plain printed backdrop like the rest of them, they DIDN'T REALLY shoot badass lasers behind him while they were taking his photo.

that's so fuckin' lame.

just like the spotlight on the brickwall background. it's also totally bogus. kids, don't make the same mistake i did.

2:04 PM, November 13, 2008  
Blogger Conrad said...

I like how Wondersmitten linked this almost exactly to the two year anniversary. Maybe you should do something with ligers every year the week before Thanksgiving.

2:39 AM, November 23, 2008  

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