Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I am a huge dork...

First off I just wanted to say sorry for slacking. I have been sick and very busy lately, excuses. Today I had a free minute though and put a few friends name into the Google search bar. The search was fruitless and I was bummed. Then I pulled a total dork move and googled myself. I felt gross right after doing it but sometimes you have to feed the beast. I scrolled through the results and came across an interesting entry, here is what it looked like.

i can feel the noise; it tickles
Kevin Breslawski**** was ril cool. I hadn't heard of him before this weekend but both me and kelly ended up buys minis from him. He graduated from SVA! ...
nona-blank.livejournal.com/ - 51k - Nov 5, 2006 - Cached - Similar pages

I could not believe that someone actually took the time to read my comic and then right something positive about it. I was really psyched and decided to check out this persons Live Journal immediately.

Before I get to that though I should say something that I have mentioned a million times in the past, I hates the Internets. I really am not that fond of most technology either. I do have an Ipod that was given to me, but it is a shuffle and does not require any effort to make it work. The sounds just come out of the magic box.

So needless to say when I went and checked out the LJ entry I was fumbling around for a bit. I enjoyed reading what was written but it took me a while to wander around and get to the post about SPX. Finally I got to it and gave it a read. The post had a really great description of SPX and the Two Faced, Jekyll and Hyde type monster-angel that it can be.

The Bad and Good were described in some nice and simple details. I agree big time that the lack of Kochalka presence was a major bad. The S to the PX and Topshelf get two thumbs down. Boo to you. You say you are going to give me some Kochalka, you better give me some Kochalka....dammit.

After reading through the Bad and finding it both funny and interesting I moved onto the Good. My mini comic, and me, got some nice praise here. I will not go into detail if you want you can check it out for yourself here (I will mention that Tara's cat cookie was a hit). There was also a small bit of criticism that made the idea to write this post jump around in my brain. It was mentioned that this site does not really do my work justice. I can agree with that statement. I do however have a few things to say about it.

This site in no way can recreate the experience of having a copy of SUPER! in your hands. It can also not duplicate wearing a Mortekai shirt or button. That is one of the main points of the art I create. My work is supposed to be an experience for the viewer. Having the finished product in your hands is something that cannot be mirrored by looking at a site on the web. It should not be easy to simulate the feelings of holding a comic or wearing a shirt and all of the stimulations associated with those acts. The purpose of this site is to help people get a look at some of my work and to provide information about that work. Hopefully this leads to the viewer wanting to get the full in living color Mortekai is SUPER! experience (then they can buy my mini comic and make me rich).

Now the reason for this post. I basically want to apologize and promise to do better. I realize that sometimes I do not update the page for a while. I also realize that a blog is not the ideal showcase for my art. I am working hard to make everything as good as I can and even better than that. So I decided, after being inspired by that bit of criticism and the very nice praise, that I am going to try and slack off less even if I am sick or tired. I will try and keep the site updated on or as close to schedule as I can. And in the future mortekai DOT com should be up and running wild (ON YOU).

And Finally here is todays piece. This is a page from the upcoming issue of SUPER! This image is called, "Love Lost" and was done with pencil, paper, pen and ink and of course the mother box helped with the coloring. I see this as a note that says remember to keep yourself grounded while not being crushed by what is going on around you. It is from the now, to the future, and in the dreams. Or something like that, fill in what you think it could mean :^)

I will do my BEST,


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