Thursday, November 30, 2006

Etsy Shop open for BIZ-NAS!

Yeah so I actually got the Etsy shop up and running. Yahoo for me. The prices are the same for everything there as they are here and the shipping is all figured out too. The shop links directly to paypal so bing bang boom you got your item and I'm paid on my way to get a piece of pizza. You should go visit my Etsy shop, conveniently called Mortekai is SUPER!, now. Buy things I want to eat. I am serious click this link and buy something so I can eat. Please.

Also my stuff is available from an online shop called Little Paper Planes. This place is really great and has a wide selection of zines, buttons, prints and other Airwolf stuff. Even if you do not like my work and some how stumbled across this horrible blog you should go to this site and see some good art. I don't know how I snuck my work in there but I am really happy I did. Thanks Kelly you are the best.

Here are pics of the stuff I have available at the moment through these two shops. In order you got the first button set, the second button set, the first issue of SUPER! contents and pages and the second issue of SUPER! contents and pages. Yay photos!

So I hope you all will go check out these two shops. The Etsy shop rules because it has no choice, I made it. Little Paper Planes rules because it is to cool for school. Go spend some money and live the American dream.


P.S. I still have the Wolfboy shirt available but have not taken a photo of that yet. To tell the truth I did not take these pictures either. I got them off of LPP. Lay to the Z. In case you forgot here is the awesomeness that is the Wolfboy shirt.

P.P.S. Here is a new picture for today so this whole post is not just me hocking my wares. Hocking. Hock.



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