Thursday, November 30, 2006

Etsy Shop open for BIZ-NAS!

Yeah so I actually got the Etsy shop up and running. Yahoo for me. The prices are the same for everything there as they are here and the shipping is all figured out too. The shop links directly to paypal so bing bang boom you got your item and I'm paid on my way to get a piece of pizza. You should go visit my Etsy shop, conveniently called Mortekai is SUPER!, now. Buy things I want to eat. I am serious click this link and buy something so I can eat. Please.

Also my stuff is available from an online shop called Little Paper Planes. This place is really great and has a wide selection of zines, buttons, prints and other Airwolf stuff. Even if you do not like my work and some how stumbled across this horrible blog you should go to this site and see some good art. I don't know how I snuck my work in there but I am really happy I did. Thanks Kelly you are the best.

Here are pics of the stuff I have available at the moment through these two shops. In order you got the first button set, the second button set, the first issue of SUPER! contents and pages and the second issue of SUPER! contents and pages. Yay photos!

So I hope you all will go check out these two shops. The Etsy shop rules because it has no choice, I made it. Little Paper Planes rules because it is to cool for school. Go spend some money and live the American dream.


P.S. I still have the Wolfboy shirt available but have not taken a photo of that yet. To tell the truth I did not take these pictures either. I got them off of LPP. Lay to the Z. In case you forgot here is the awesomeness that is the Wolfboy shirt.

P.P.S. Here is a new picture for today so this whole post is not just me hocking my wares. Hocking. Hock.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

the twenty-fifth, Everyhting old is new again...

Okay so for today, as you may have been able to tell from the title of this post, we are gonna check out an old design. This is the original design from the first Mortekai shirt. Ever. There was a big party coming up and I wanted to represent, WHAT WHAT, so I made this. I used one red and one blue paint marker to put the image directly onto a used under shirt. I took the image from my sketchbook and tried to follow the basic lines as best as I could. Here is a scan of the shirts image.

The paint marker has held up really well for being washed like a thousand times in the last four years. That being said the image is not as sharp as it once was. I wish I had a few scans of the shirt right after I finished it. I really like how the flower and the text came out. With the shirt becoming less and less clear this design is not gonna be around to much longer. So I decided that scanning the shirts image into motherbox and fixing it up is a good idea.

After scanning in the shirt I messed around with a few things. I choose a red and a blue that seemed true to the original colors of the design. I then went and made the lines a tad more angular which makes the image resemble the original sketch more closely. I then fudged around with the text a bit, still not sure what I am going to do here but I like the way things are looking so far. Anyway here is what I came up with at this point.

I also have made a few other looks with this design as a starting point. These are not finished yet. Just think of them as sketches and possibilities. Whatever!

The text is not right on the second image. Work will continue on these for a minute. Hopefully soon this design will be fit to print. I think I will also try and get this on a bag and sweatshirts. Let me know what you think.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I paid eight million dollars for this...

...and thats all you're prepared to spend?

Monday, November 27, 2006

SUPER! sam and Captain Mystery lost in the Forest of Quiet...

Not even a whisper can be heard

Despair surrounds them

The thought of freedom slips further away

Together can they


Two images created with pen and ink on board. Scanned and enhanced with Motherbox.

Happy Monday,

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Patricks school photos...

This studious looking fellows name is Patrick. Patrick happens to be a Liger (click the link for info). For those to lazy to click and read here is the quick version of Patrick's origin. His mother is a tiger that felt the need to have some hot lion loving from Patrick's dad. The best thing about Patrick is he gets the best of both lion and tiger powers. He can swim like a tiger and is good at making friends like a lion. And he is totally huge. Ligers can be the size of their mother and father combined. That is SICK.

Despite all of these facts Patrick is a down to earth person, as you can tell from this picture. He likes english class, going to the mall, watching Pete & Pete, and playing water polo with his pals. Patrick is also an important member of the model UN as well as the founder of his schools bee keeping society. In his spare time he also writes hit plays. Patrick is a pretty happening cat.

This picture is from photo day at school. Patrick's mother wanted him to get the library background. She said it made him look very handsome. While not really caring all that much about looking handsome Patrick did want to make his mother happy. He figured if he did that he would get the bike he had been asking for. Nice move Patrick, you are a super genius.

This is the photo background that Patrick really wanted to get. I think this makes him look like a super bad ass. Rock on my little viking.

Here is a video about some of Patrick's relatives. They ate that dude in the video, this is old footage. watch or die.

Here is a bonus photo. This is a pic of a Tigon being created. Tigon's are not that cool.

Have a happy and Liger filled Thanksgiving. Let's celebrate the Native Americans helping the Pilgrims out when they couldn't cut it. That may have been the biggest mistake ever in the history of people. Make sure to eat a lot so you can put on some major holiday weight.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Work stuff...

I did this image for my hellish job. I didn't really finish it yet because I wanted to see if I could get it approved before spending time on backgrounds and more characters. I actually started with figures I cut out of different paper and assembled. I then scanned them into the computer where I used the powers of the motherbox to manipulate colors and shapes and such. I like the paper style it was fun and freeing to do and I think it has the same effect when viewed.

I will try and get two posts up tomorrow due to the long weekend coming up.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday is the worst and should think about getting plastic surgery to change its stupid face... no one will recognize it ever again. I hate you Monday, so much.

We got Wii and my brother is happy. As you can see I am not. A friends birthday party on Saturday, a way better day than Monday, ended early Sunday. I think I may have slept for two hours total before I had to get up and take the mini me down to Gamestop, which sucks ass, to pick up the Nintendo Wii system. After getting myself up and together enough to drive we were on our way. The store is only around the corner so the drive was not so bad.

Once we got to Gamestop, hell on earth that it is, it was no smooth sailing. There were a bunch of people on line who lacked many social skills, the first being proper hygiene. Smelling like beer and cigarettes is better than smelling like armpits and assholes for the record. I felt like telling these mutants that but I did not want to interrupt the frenzy of gamer speak that was going on. I might have been bit by one of them. That would not be too bad but when someone whose blood is 75% Mountain Dew bites you bad news is around the corner. Mountain Dew is some radioactive stuff.

Finally after about forty-five minutes of holding my nose and trying to stay awake my brother and I got to the register. He handed in his ticket slip to get the system. The transaction was going smoothly until my brother asked what games he had reserved. He was told none. At this point he remembered that my mother, he is adopted, was with him when he went to reserve these games. He asked the video game guy to check under her name, which is Debra, and there was nothing. "Impossible!" said my little bro. He knew he at least had Zelda on pre-order. Since I myself also wanted to play Zelda we asked him to check again. He let out a huge eye roll when asked him to do this, his job. If this scene were in a movie it would consist of a close up of the employees eyes rolling and the sound of bowling balls thundering toward some pins. He was pissed. Again he found nothing under my mom's name. He told us there was a Debbie in the system but he could not check that name for us because it was different than the one we gave him.

For anyone who doesn't know Debbie is a nickname for Debra in the say way that Bill is a nickname for William or that Dick is the nickname for Richard. I tried to explain this to the fine Gamestop, seriously this place sucks, employee. He wasn't having any though as if I was trying to serve him some meatloaf. I looked at my little adopted brother and saw that he was sad and did not know what to do. So I reached over the counter and grabbed this geek by the shirt. I shook the shit out of him while yelling, "Do not make me kill you for some stupid VIDEOGAME!" My brother started flipping this guy off while everyone else in the store scrambled for cover. Boxes and shit were flying all over the place. I think I even saw one guy pee his pants. The geek caved and forked over the game and we strode out of the store victoriously. I think I heard "We are the Champions" by Queen playing as we left. It was awesome.

Yeah it was a scene man. Sucks that it didn't happen that way. What really happened was I stopped myself before I grabbed the guy. I realized if I did it I would get in trouble with Johnny Law. My brain decided that shaking the shit out of a geek was a bad idea. Also if I shook him I had no idea what other stuff may come flying off of him. So I gave the guy a final death glare and then said to my brother "We can get Zelda at another time." We turned around and left the shop feeling somewhat defeated. I was happy that he got his system but he did not have the game he wanted to play.

Luckily the Wii comes with Wii Sports which is simple and fun. Little bro had a good time and so did I because I beat him in all the sports except boxing. The day turned out well, if not a little exhausting. I only wish that I had gotten the better of the video game retard.

As it turned out though I didn't have to do anything to this fool. My mother went down to the store and destroyed that guy. Mamma B is real protective over her, adopted, son. I do not think that poor sucker will ever be the same. I mean it, that geek is over. When Debbie left the store she had a copy of Zelda, Belize that. Plus I did not have to get arrested or anything. Awesome.

Here is a picture of a character we created for use in Wii sports. I promise a better picture tomorrow.

Wii are the champions,

P.S. my brother is not adopted that part of the story is untrue.

P.P.S It is true that my mother will kill you if you mess with my brother. Mom's don't get arrested it is a law.

Friday, November 17, 2006

SUPER! nerdy alerty...

I never really liked the X-men all that much. Thinking about it now I never liked reading the X-men at all. I didn't care how many cigars Wolverine smoked or how the whole team let some cripple be their leader. They must have felt bad for stupid Professor X. The entire X-men team is one gigantic bag of tools. Plus they were different and weird and mutanty. I hate anyone who is not the same as me. So I say a HUGE F U to the X-men. I did draw a picture of a weird looking Cyclops though. Have a fun and safe weekend.

Vaykay soon,

Thursday, November 16, 2006

the twenty-fourth, Darkness...

Here is a design that has been kicking around for a while. This is what it looks like right now. I may end up completely changing it before I go to print. Size, color and placement are all still being considered. I did think this looked pretty good though so I decided I would post it. It may look simple but this teacher I used to have, Mr. Robatelli, always told me less is more. He also used to say you drop it you mop it. The man is a genius. Anyway let me know what you think or don't and see if I care.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pete and Pete aka I'm feeling Liverwursty...

Pete and Pete, I have it on dvd. I am happy right now. Maybe some more drawings and stuff about the show coming up. Back to work and some P&P.

Farewell my little viking,

Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend warriors...

This weekend I took a trip with some friends to Mohegan Sun for Darren's birthday. It was crazy. There was gambling, package stores, flip cup, double meat subway sandwiches, girls, and Ramen was eaten out of an ice bucket. I will try and get a post, possibly posts, together to deliver the madness. For today I have a small picture of where I wish I was.

You're a BUM!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Often, I draw trees...

A few trees from my sketchbook. I am working on making those season shirts I mentioned a little while back and I want to incorporate trees into the designs. Also included is a sketch from the same pages. All were done with pencil upon a piece of paper. I hope they are to your liking.

I am off tomorrow. Have fun working suckers!,

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

SUPER! work, work, work, KAPOW...

This is loosley based on someone I worked with. Pencil and ink on paper. I think I am going to try and color this. Hopefully it will turn out good. We shall see.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I am a huge dork...

First off I just wanted to say sorry for slacking. I have been sick and very busy lately, excuses. Today I had a free minute though and put a few friends name into the Google search bar. The search was fruitless and I was bummed. Then I pulled a total dork move and googled myself. I felt gross right after doing it but sometimes you have to feed the beast. I scrolled through the results and came across an interesting entry, here is what it looked like.

i can feel the noise; it tickles
Kevin Breslawski**** was ril cool. I hadn't heard of him before this weekend but both me and kelly ended up buys minis from him. He graduated from SVA! ... - 51k - Nov 5, 2006 - Cached - Similar pages

I could not believe that someone actually took the time to read my comic and then right something positive about it. I was really psyched and decided to check out this persons Live Journal immediately.

Before I get to that though I should say something that I have mentioned a million times in the past, I hates the Internets. I really am not that fond of most technology either. I do have an Ipod that was given to me, but it is a shuffle and does not require any effort to make it work. The sounds just come out of the magic box.

So needless to say when I went and checked out the LJ entry I was fumbling around for a bit. I enjoyed reading what was written but it took me a while to wander around and get to the post about SPX. Finally I got to it and gave it a read. The post had a really great description of SPX and the Two Faced, Jekyll and Hyde type monster-angel that it can be.

The Bad and Good were described in some nice and simple details. I agree big time that the lack of Kochalka presence was a major bad. The S to the PX and Topshelf get two thumbs down. Boo to you. You say you are going to give me some Kochalka, you better give me some Kochalka....dammit.

After reading through the Bad and finding it both funny and interesting I moved onto the Good. My mini comic, and me, got some nice praise here. I will not go into detail if you want you can check it out for yourself here (I will mention that Tara's cat cookie was a hit). There was also a small bit of criticism that made the idea to write this post jump around in my brain. It was mentioned that this site does not really do my work justice. I can agree with that statement. I do however have a few things to say about it.

This site in no way can recreate the experience of having a copy of SUPER! in your hands. It can also not duplicate wearing a Mortekai shirt or button. That is one of the main points of the art I create. My work is supposed to be an experience for the viewer. Having the finished product in your hands is something that cannot be mirrored by looking at a site on the web. It should not be easy to simulate the feelings of holding a comic or wearing a shirt and all of the stimulations associated with those acts. The purpose of this site is to help people get a look at some of my work and to provide information about that work. Hopefully this leads to the viewer wanting to get the full in living color Mortekai is SUPER! experience (then they can buy my mini comic and make me rich).

Now the reason for this post. I basically want to apologize and promise to do better. I realize that sometimes I do not update the page for a while. I also realize that a blog is not the ideal showcase for my art. I am working hard to make everything as good as I can and even better than that. So I decided, after being inspired by that bit of criticism and the very nice praise, that I am going to try and slack off less even if I am sick or tired. I will try and keep the site updated on or as close to schedule as I can. And in the future mortekai DOT com should be up and running wild (ON YOU).

And Finally here is todays piece. This is a page from the upcoming issue of SUPER! This image is called, "Love Lost" and was done with pencil, paper, pen and ink and of course the mother box helped with the coloring. I see this as a note that says remember to keep yourself grounded while not being crushed by what is going on around you. It is from the now, to the future, and in the dreams. Or something like that, fill in what you think it could mean :^)

I will do my BEST,

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

SUPER! you didn't know I knew about grape juice did you?

So I was in my house yesterday and I forget what I was doing at the time, I may have been eating or going to the bathroom I do both a lot, when I hear my sister call for me to help her put the dogs away. Or did my brother call for help? Well either way I got my act together and tried to help wrangle our insane dogs as fast as possible. As I was trying to accomplish this near insurmountable feat I found myself wondering, "Why are these dogs barking and acting like complete asses?" then it hit me there were actually trick or treaters at our door.

The house we live in is on a hill. This has deterred many a trick or treater over the years. Most kids these days, with the video games and morbid obesity, will not even bother to get off the couch to get a drink let alone climb a hill to get some free candy on a cold October night. So I was shocked when I realized that we had a few trick or treaters standing on our front porch. I doubled my efforts to get control of the two great beasts that we like to call dogs. "Meatloaf!" I screamed. "AJ get over hear!" I yelled. Nothing seemed to be working to calm these mighty hounds of hell.

Then my sister, or brother, said that the kids had left. I was disappointed. Just because two rabid mongrels are barking a holy hell in your direction does not mean you can give up the quest for candy. You suck it up and you get that damn candy. I don't care if you get bit and have to get like ten needles to cure the rabies the next day, you stay on target and you get that candy. Use the force Luke. Think about it.

Anyway, I had this picture and I thought it kind of fit. This image is called The Bubblegum Hero. I started out this image by drawing a sketch in pencil. I then inked it with red and black ink. Then I scanned it into the Motherbox to be colored.

The look on this guy's face, in my mind, must have been similar if not the exact same face those kids had on my porch. Poor little kids, all they wanted was a Snickers. Sorry kids that tried to trick or treat at my house. I swear next Halloween that my dogs will not scare any candy lovers away.

Mmmm its purple,