Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the twenty-third, Mortekai Button Set II...

On Friday I told you about the new Mortekai Shirt having its debut at SPX. The second new item to be making a debut at this years SPX is the second Mortekai Button Set. This set focuses more on characters than the first. This set features three different creatures, who happen to be roommates, and the plant that they share. Here are what the buttons in the set look like with a little description after each.

This is Harrison J. Kear. Harrison enjoys mopeds, marmalade, and sharp dressing. He found himself living with his current roommates after answering an advert in the local paper. Harrison's generally thinks of himself as a cheerful person.

This is Wolfboy. Wolfboy created the wolf suit he wears after having lost his fur in an unfortunate accident, the details of which he does not like to discuss. Wolfboy has an affinity for accomplishing a task when he sets his mind to it. He once ate an entire pizza, and even drank an entire frozen drink in one gulp. Wolfboy hates brain freezes and stomach aches.

This is Syd. He lives pretty cheaply, or smartly as he calls it, usually relying on the other roommates to pick up the slack. Syd likes to try and dial in a good time whenever he can. He considers singing along with the radio while spending time with his friends one of his favorite things. Syd thinks of himself as an all around good buddy.

And finally this is the beloved plant that all of the roommates look after. It was given to them by their neighbor gwen. She is an artist and observer. Each of the roommates tries to impress her by taking great care of her gift which they cherish above all else.

And here is what the set look like as a whole. As with the first set all of the buttons are 1" pin-back in style. These buttons have a really great color quality and I think they turned out awesome.

The set will be available through the site when I get back from SPX. I will also have all of the other Mortekai Clothing and SUPER! mini comic stuff available after the show. Speaking of the show my head is almost ready to explode trying to get everything ready. I be tired and stressed. Everything is almost done though and it will be worth it once the show starts.

Almost there,


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