Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mortekai is SUPER! individual buttons available...

So I printed up some individual or "Loosey" buttons if you will. All of these designs are awesome and look really great when worn with a favorite garment. Seriously people bought a bunch of these at SPX and rocked them the whole weekend. Those people were looking very stylish indeed.

Anyway the deal is these buttons are like all of the other ones I have, 1" pinback style with a high quality color design. I drew from a variety of sources when putting these buttons together. A little from the Mortekai tap, a shot of SUPER! All in all they blend really well together. Kinda like an Irish Carbomb, or a Mortekairate or something.

These buttons can be purchased individually for seventy-five cents each. If so inclined you also have the option of purchasing the whole collection for four dollars and fifty cents. If you purchase the whole collection the buttons will come packaged with a few stickers and an extra surprise or two.

Here are what each of the designs look like. The title of the button follows the image.

"The Locket"

"Robber in Neon"

"Death is on my lips without you"

"I Remember"


"Peace Shop"


There you have it folks. New buttons available either individually or together. If you want to purchase you can leave a comment here or contact me at:


p.s. I should have a page up with info on how to purchase all of the Mortekai and SUPER! stuff with prices and shipping info very shortly.


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