Monday, October 16, 2006

The conqueror returns triumphant (kinda)...

I am back from SPX and more tired than EVER! Tara and I worked non-stop right up to the time we had to leave Long Island and head to Bethesda. I mean literally we were working until fifteen minutes before we were picked up. Tara was the real life-saver of the show. She kept me going and was working hard to help me get everything done leading up to the show, right before the show and even during the show.

That is right we had to make up some issues of SUPER! while the show was going on. We completely sold out at one point. Now I know that sounds cool but we only had like fifty copies on the table at the time, either way the comics were a success.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that didn't I? The new issue of SUPER! is done and it is the best thing your eyes may see this entire year. I feel confident in saying that because the year is almost over and I really like the way the book turned out. This issue has a simple but fun story that runs through seven of its sixteen pages.

Speaking of the format, it is the same as last time with a few new tweaks and such. This time instead of being two separate eight page mini comics you get a sixteen page mini bound together with a piece of floss (not the dental kind although that could be fun). The book is the same dimensions as the previous issue. The colors have really been stepped up in this issue and I think the book as a whole works nicely together. The comic is also packaged the same as the first issue, in an envelope with front and back covers. Besides the comic you also get a button and a few stickers. Here are a few preview pages followed by the cover.

So as I said the new issue of SUPER! went over reaalllyyyy well and I was psyched. The first issue also got a ton of compliments and sold out too but that is old hat around here and I wanted to talk about the new crap. Ok.

Anyway now that I am back I will be putting up a post on how to purchase the SUPER! I & II, both Mortekai Button Sets, and the new T-Shirt shortly. It will be pretty much the same deal as last time except I will have a few more buying options and I will try and get a few pictures of the actual products up (I am not the master of the internets or technology). But for now if you want any of the new or old stuff just give me an email at:

There will be a wrap up SPX report/bitch post coming soon but I need a little time to reflect and decompress before I unleash that beast. Hope you enjoy the preview pages.

Is that a Koala Bear?,


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