Friday, September 08, 2006

the twentieth, building a tree...

I had this idea when I was toying around with some of the shirt designs. I want to put out a different design for each of the different seasons. I personally really enjoy the changing of the seasons and the spectrum of sights, sounds, smells, and tastes that come with each. There is a feel to each of the seasons that is hard to grasp. When I try to describe winter for example I know what I want to say, or rather what I should say. Then there are those days that are just such a perfect description of that season you have to experience one to truly know what it feels like. I am hoping to try and capture something like that with these designs.

This design is simple and pretty clean. I was thinking of using this one for the summer although I may also like it for spring. When I think of the spring I really think of everything coming into bloom and this tree is full and alive. I am still working on it and trying to get it up to the level of finished. I also have a few others I am working on right now. For the first seasons shirts trees will factor in all of the designs. That is my thought right now anyway, it all could change. Here it is hope you likes.



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