Thursday, September 21, 2006

SUPER! you got some eye on my knife...

YEAH! Blogger is uploading pictures today. Yesterday I was having a problem getting the images uploaded and I almost threw my stapler through the internet directly into the Blogger servers. That would have sucked for the servers who were sucking pretty hard themselves yesterday. Suck.

Ok, so lately I have not really been writing a lot while posting. That is because I have been busy. I could go into detail but I think I will turn that into a post tomorrow or on Monday. That way I get a post out of writing about how I can't post. See how that works there? So for now you can speculate on what I have been up to and why I have not been writing completely crappy posts to go with my bad drawerings.

As for this picture I think I did this one on a small sheet of red paper with a micron. Well I am sure about the paper but not the pen. Blood squirting out of someone's eye onto your paper would make you mad too. But the least you could do is ask the guy if he wants to go to the nurse. Then you would get to ditch out on class and smoke a cigarette in the courtyard. Hall pass sucka. His loss of sight is your gain of cancer, score!



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