Saturday, August 19, 2006


Oh boy little baby Jesus here it is, the second part of the Lucero post! Damn I took way to long getting this done. Whatev's sit back crack open a cold one and get ready for the awesome. Here it go...

So after we all had somehow managed to find the boat and weasel our way on board we set-up shop on the top deck of the Temptress. We had some time to kill at the dock so of course we all killed it in the usual way, by offing some brain cells. Beside everyone really wanting to go on this boat cruise to see Lucero everyone also wanted to drink some beers. It was a Saturday day and therefore officially Miller time. Katie was so pumped she was double fisting.

Nice, mom is really gonna be happy with that picture.

Anyway, after the ship got a move on our three hour tour began. It really was three hours. I don't know if the people who planned the cruise went straight for the comedy on that one or what but that is funny to me. So with Gilligan and the Skipper
at the helm the boat started down the Hudson river. We were treated to some really nice views of the city(Manhattan fool). Super Steve really appreciated it. Trapped inside that man of lightning resides the heart of a poet. Look at how contemplative he is in this pic.

He's thinking about heavy things right there. He may be thinking...

"What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? Who am I?"


"Why would Sidney Ponson replace alcohol with ice cream?"


"Why would some someone do naked cartwheels for coke?"

Yeah Steve thinks about a lot of heavy things. He is a five tool player bro. Plus he is the fastest runner ever. Take that Conrad.

So from Steve thinking about heady subjects we go to this guy. Keith Terra, all American man. Keith keeps it real. He knows the value of a man can, some time with the bros, and a pack of Camel Turkish silvers. Really he knows exactly how much that should cost him. He puts it at about $6.75 give or take depending on your location at the time. City ain't cheap bro. Keith is seen here representing all things American...

...Basically that would be beer, cigarettes, a black T-shirt and the flag. Way to go Keith. I actually really like this picture a lot. Buddy cam came through big time with this one. As all of this stylin was going down something happened.

As we all got settled in to some chairs and snuggled up with some cold ones we hit the jackpot. A bachelorette party came and sat next to us. That's right a whole gaggle of chicks pumped up on hormones and thoughts marriage sat right next to our group of heroes. You could not have scripted this any better. This was what the lady of the hour looked like.

Nice hat right? But little did these ladies know what they were in for.

Conradical the all powerful had fully transformed himself into Gigam mode. Gigam is Conrad's alcohol fueled super awesome alter ego. Just last night he thought he could put his hands into a spinning fan, defeat everyone and their mother in flip cup and that he could toss Keith about the length of a football field. All in all Gigam is fun and unpredictable. On the boat Gigam was getting ready to rock. I got the pictures to prove it.

Here Gigam is showing off the bruises he got from his ninja roll after our race on forty fourth street.

And then here he is a few moments later laying a vice grip on Katie's leg. I thought this was funny. Sometimes Gigam has to hand out a vice grip and you ain't gonna see it coming.

Yeah so that's how it was going down for a while. I took a stroll around the boat with Shoe and James at this point. Nothing much to report about there. We saw Super fly and a few of the Hooligan boys but nothing to exciting. So we headed back up to the deck and I was so glad we came back in time to see this happen.

Gigam had somehow got the seat next to the bachlorette party. He was set to strike and this chicks were in for it. But then Gigam saw something more interesting than ladies and vaginas...chicken. Yeah the chicks had found some food and Gigam was gonna get him some. Look at his smooth moves.

Is it just me or do all of the girls in this picture look either really amused or really scared. However he did it Gigam managed to get a piece of chicken off of the girls. Victory! He celebrated by devouring the chicken like a rabid wolverine and then tossing it over his shoulder non nonchalant style. Now that is Gigam. He wanted some more and went back to try and get another piece but the Roach stepped in and got him to stop. Here is his victory stance over a confused Gigam.

Gigam was not the only one to have a good time with the bachelorette party. Actually James had a better time. He went on to pimp his way into being invited out for the rest of the party. He also got himself invited to the wedding. Way to go Thor! I really wish I had a picture of his victory march off the boat. He was striding after those ladies as if he was the King. And I guess he was.

The show itself was really awesome. The guys came out with a ton of energy and really got the whole crowd going. You know the show was pretty awesome if you are a smiling sweaty mess by the end of it.

While I was trying to turn back the tide of humanity that was swelling toward Lucero I noticed a particular female over to the side of the band. She kept trying to creep closer and closer toward the band. She succeeded in getting guitarist Brian Venable to acknowledge her. As soon as that happened she decided it was Karaoke time and charged over to Ben singing over a few songs. Finally after she did this a few times singer Ben Nichols had to give her this one, "I think I got this one from her but thanks." I didn't talk to her so I wouldn't know if she is a good or bad person but from what I saw I can say she was kinda annoying. Sorry.

Another girl in the crowd saw this and tried to pull the same act. But it did not work out as well for her, I guess she was not as pretty as the other girl. Or maybe not as annoying. Anyway she failed to get to the mike but was pretty much standing right there with the band. I guess she was pretty annoying.

Gigam on the other hand was rocking from above the stage and behind the curtain. He really becomes the master of any domain he enters. Well it is more like he charges in and conquers the area crushing his enemies before him and hearing the lamentation of their women. Hmm I like that, Gigam is a modern day Conan.

And finally here is a picture of James getting Rocked off. Just because.

Well that is the Lucero post for now. I will most likely make some edits when I can use a real computer. Right now I am using my sisters and it sucks hard. I could not get some of the pictures I wanted to add in and the speel check is not working. So it good now but it will be a little better later.



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