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Ok so this post is really late. Sorry but sometimes that is how I roll. Anyway here it is the Lucero post.

On Saturday August fifth there was a rock show put on by Rocks Off. The Show was aboard the Temptress and went up the Hudson river, around the Statue of Liberty, up the East river through the Brooklyn bridge and back again. The acts were Tim Barry, the lead singer from Avail, and Lucero. We all had our tickets early and were planning for the trip well in advance. People were ready to dial it in as the time to go approached. The whole trip was great and everyone had a blast and an adventure or two along the way. Say alright!

A bunch of the crew hopped on a mid-afternoon train for Manhattan along the Ronkonkoma line. Terra, Roach, James and Daniel picked up the train in Ronkonkoma. The rest of us Tara, Cap, Vinny, Conrad, and I got the Deer Park station. At Deer Park we all met up in the same car and the good times began. Man Cans (24 oz Beers), regular brews, Sparks, and Vodka were all present and really did not scare anyone off. Then Tara pulled out a bottle of Patron and it was time to separate the drunks from the alcoholics. That stuff is good, maybe too good. Anyway everyone who put away some Patron would be feeling it later. Some harder than others.

The train was cruising along and the guys could not believe I brought a few extra beers. I think Terra was the most surprised at my choice. That was until the train stopped...for an hour...right outside Woodside Station. The AC completely shut off and the train was dead. I guess we had been making a lot of noise on the way because once we stopped a family seated right behind us started giving us a run for our money in the noisy and obnoxious department. And they didn't even have any tequila. It may have been that the guys sang Last Caress one too many times or the fact that we are all generally pretty loud but whatever it was the gauntlets were thrown down. We all got antsy and Terra and I tried to sneak a quick smoke in between cars. We would have succeeded if an off duty cop who thought he was Captain America didn't catch us. This guy was super strict with a lame buzz-cut. After Terra and I stirred up the hornets nest with our smoking attempt this tool bag kept marching up and down the isles keeping a tight almost big brother like eye on our whole train car. This guy must have had a bad childhood. Anyway this is pretty much what he looked like.

At this point if you added up our battles with Captain Tool Bag, and the family sitting behind us, plus the fact that we were all beginning to get real hot and sweaty your result would end up being Armageddon times PI to the second power. Basically that train was about to turn into a war zone. It was also not helping that about five trains passed us going eastbound and westbound. We were starting to wonder what was up with the train. Finally we got some info from the conductor. The news crackled out of the somehow crappy speakers on the new(ish) train. Apparently someone had gotten into an accident on the tracks. All of us could not believe that this was possible. Everyone on the train was super pissed that this was the reason for the hold up. How could anyone be dumb enough to have an accident on the tracks?

We would not find out until a day later that someone had actually died on the tracks. The young ladies name was Natalie Smead she was 18 and going to a concert also. Click here for the story. After I read that story I checked a few more out and it was amazing to find out that this kind of accident is not as uncommon as one may think. Several incidents like this have occurred in the past. Read this story for a follow up with people who had similar experiences. It is really sad that something like that can still happen on the LIRR. Here is a link to their site if you would like to make some noise, Long Island Railroad

This is a picture from Newsday of a tape measure held by a reporter that measures the gap between platform and train at Syosset LIRR Station on Tuesday August 8, 2006. Depending on whether one included the added strip of material at edge of concrete platform or not, the gap was either 14 or over 15 inches. This distance is similar to the one Natalie fell through at Woodside.

So back on the train, we are all still wondering what the hell is going on. Everyone was running low on supplies and they all started looking to me for a hand out. Ohhhhh, now who brought too much huh? I knew it was a good idea to pack a few extra brews for the ride. Let's face it, you can never really bring to many beers around these kids. So we all continued on drinking and having a good time. We cracked jokes and everyone continued to sing Last Caress ever once and a while. Conrad decided he was ready to become Gigam, his super crazy drunken alter ego, and began drinking double shots of Patron. Roach was right behind Gigam chasing his tequila with a mixture of Vodka and Red Bull. That is liquid crack friend. As the train started to get hotter and the supplies ran lower and lower we finally had got a break. We were barley able to hear it over the horrible PA system but we strained and we heard it. The train would be moving momentarily. And by that the conductor meant in twenty minutes. On that train twenty minutes seemed like two hours. At the time it really felt like we were there forever.

But then it happened. The train shook a tiny bit. We all began to feel a little shot of air from the vents! We had POWER! The train would be able to move now!

Check out how psyched we all are, YEAH!

Then slowly the train lurched back to life and began to move forward. It was on now. Everybody was super excited and began to finish up all of the train supplies. We were on the way to Penn and then on to Lucero! Eventually we hit the tunnel and we knew we would be there soon. Our ears all popped and we knew it was the home stretch.

That was until the train stopped again. Dammit. We all sat there on the train in the darkness of the tunnel and wondered if we would ever get to the platform. Eventually the train started moving again. The wait this time it was not nearly as long as the first. I think the reason we stopped was to hold up some of the trains that were late due to the accident.

Anyway this is what we looked like when we started moving the second time.

Can you believe how sweaty we all are? That train got real sticky. Damn that is a lot of sweat. Also we were so down on supplies by this point we were passing around a Michelob Ultra, the worst, and the tequila and vodka.


That's the way we get by. Finally we arrived at Penn station and we all stumbled out of the train and up the stairs to the corner of thirty eighth and eighth. Then traffic came to a halt while everyone argued about what we should do.

"Let's take a cab."

"Buddy its only a few blocks and I don't want to dial in for a cab."

"Let's just make moves already."

"It's hot."

"I'm hungry."

"Are we there yet?"

Yeah it was pretty annoying at first. And Cap and Vinny bolted off on there own for some sweet loving, or was it pizza? I don't remember. Anyway we all finally agreed to start hoofing it because we were going to meet up with Bezerko himself Shoemaker. He is wild.

Bezerko had his own crazy adventure that day. He went to the Warped Tour then was going to hit a train up and got lost in a ghetto part of Hempstead. Finally he found his way to the train and beat all of us into the city. We wanted to take bets on whether he would make it or not but no one thought he would. And he beat us there. Bastard.

The whole gang started cruising west and north through the streets of Manhattan while finishing off the last of the drinks. It was at this point that I noticed that Conrad's transformation into Gigam was complete. He pounded down his drink right outside of a Police station and spiked the can on the ground. Yeah.

The rest of the time we were walking Gigam made sure to punch at least two things per block. Walls, signs, garbage cans, it didn't matter to the steel fists of Gigam. We finally caught up with Shoe and had enough time to hit a bar before going to the boat so we started looking for one. We started walking again and I decided to split off, we would find one quicker if we split up. I had no success but eventually the guys found one about two blocks and an avenue away from Forty First street and West Side Highway where the boat was docked. We all met up inside the divey bar. I tried to order a beer but the bartender was busy checking out some drunk chicks that came off of an earlier booze cruise. He was old and creepy and all I wanted was a beer. I was not to happy with that and even less happy when I realized Tara was not in the bar. Lucky for me though she found a bar one avenue over that had some sick beers on tap. As I tried to take off Gigam decided that he would come with me. I thought his antics at this point were pretty funny by this point so I took him along. Man was I glad I did.

We met Tara on the next corner and then I thought we should all race there. It was funny to me at the time and it worked out better than I could have planned. Gigam broke into a full run and passed me. So I sped up to keep up with him. I was back right behind him when I noticed he was starting to run more and more into the ground. Finally he ran straight into a forward roll spinning completely over and kicking the nearest car. Tara and I could not control the laughter. But Gigam was un-phased he jumped right back up and kept running.

"Ok, you win" I said to him.

"I WIN!" he shouted.

We walked the rest of the way to the bar which had a good selection of beers. I cannot remember what I had but Gigam and Tara each had a Warsteiner, the queen of beers. All of them came in huge glasses and they were super tasty. Gigam pounded his as if he was made out of lightning and then proceeded to slump his head in normal Gigam fashion. Classic form the originator, Gigam. Here is how the sequence looked.

After bringing him around we headed out to a Pizza place. While Tara and Gigam were inside getting a slice some rando came up to me and asked me for a cigarette. I noticed that she was wearing the patch and I made mention of it.

She was like, "Do you think I will get sick?" that was my window.

I was like, "Hell yeah. That is really bad for you!"

She totally bought it and I kept my cigarette. Cheap Johns all the way! But then another scrub came along and bummed a cigarette off of me so I guess I broke even. Anyway after Gigam and Tara got their slices we busted it down to the dock. Our ship was called the Temptress. Check out some of the photos to get an idea of what we were expecting form the boat. Click this link to see the Temptress. We all got checked on the way in and I have no idea how Gigam made it on, that kid was in Neverland at this point.

Ten of us headed to the boat together but we all boarded separately. That was kinda crazy. Here are Terra and James boarding for the voyage.

When we all got split up at Penn I was worried that Cap and Vinny would get lost. Instead they found BP and got to take a picture with Ben Nichols, lead singer of Lucero. Check out that unimpressed scowl. I think he asked these fools for ten bucks after this pic was taken.

Ok so that is the story so far. Tune in soon for the next part in the tale.

Rock OFF!,


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