Wednesday, August 16, 2006

In-betweener aka some 11HHH pictures...

Tomorrow, or maybe a little later in the week, you will get the next part in the Lucero Rocks off post. I think if it all went up at once it could be too much for anyone to handle. The results would be disastrous. Bowels would loosen and eyes would fly form their sockets. Not good to have to much of a good thing. So I found these 11 Hour Happy Hour pictures that I took with my camera phone. Most of these are before any real damage has been done. I will try get some pictures of the severe damage over the next few 11HHH. Ok so here we go a few pictures and a few brief descriptions, Enjoy or DIE!

Cappa came with us on our 11HHH trip to Wantagh. This pic was taken on the car ride from McCann's to Mulcahys. Let me warn anyone who would go to Mulcahys for happy hour right now, they charge a cover. Thats sucks in my book. The point of happy hour, and 11HHH, is to have some fun on the cheap. Charging a cover totally defeats the purpose. It's like paying for water, completely dumb. Basically that bar blows hard. So we ended up going to Boss Crokers which was not really the place to meet people but did have good prices, good beer selection, and $5.00 Irish Car Bombs. Ok let me repeat the last one, $5.00 Irish Car Bombs. If you like car bombs this is the place to go. They also buy back after a drink or two which was sick. It has been said that they have the best wings around. I think the wings be cheap on Wednesday. Rock!

This one was taken right outside McCann's. Cap was so excited he gave me a whack on the back and it left this hand print. Dick. He had pool chalk all over his paw from the tables at McCann's. They have good tables and a decent happy hour. You can take your drinks out on the patio which is fun. A chalky back sucks though.

We went down to Long Beach the following week. After getting lost for what seemed like forever we finally found the strip with all of the bars on it. Conradical called me before he left his house and I told him to check out a map on the computer. He said ok. Next thing I know we are driving around Long beach completely lost. We almost ended up going to the bars where Paul Lo Duca picked up his 19 year old love toy. That could have been messy. This picture was taken after we got to a Bar/Resturant called the A Whales Tale. This place is awesome. Good eats at decent prices and fantastic beer at cheap prices. Check out the selection below.

Every single one of these beers was $3.00 bucks in a mug. Three bucks! That was a sick deal. And the Happy Hour goes from 11am until 10pm. When we went at like 6pm the place was mostly all restaurant. Only a few hard core drinkers were there. But when we went back at 9:00 the place was packed. There were a few flashbulbs there but other than that the place was great. Oh and the Miller Lite pints were $2.00 bucks.

This last one is from last week. We went down to Huntington. At first I thought this was going to end up being an expensive mistake but I was way wrong. We went to Dr. Finely's. This place can sometimes be a crap sandwich if you go at night or on the weekends. But it was happy hour so we gave it a shot. Man that place was fun. They gave us free chips, and most pints of beer were half off. They had a selection that was as good if not better than A Whales Tale. They had Sam, Sam Summer, Sam Cherry Wheat, a few varieties of Brooklyn, Franziskaner, Woodchuck Cider, and a whole bunch of others. I think there may have been like 13 beers on tap and out of that only 3 were full price. We tried a bunch of them and then rocked around town for a while. All in all a good 11HHH.

11HHH 4-eva,

Oh here is a bonus picture of Paul Lo Duca


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