Friday, August 11, 2006


GOD DAMMIT! I was working on the Lucero post when the internet decided to crash hard, twice. I uploaded a bunch of the photos and I had written about three quarters of the post when it crashed the last time. I am super pissed. I thought I had saved a back up but apparently I was wrong. F the internet and F Safari. So no Lucero post until Monday. God help the internet if it screws with me on Monday.

So since I do not have the post ready I thought I would post a picture Cap did. It is his design idea for our softball team jerseys. We are going to be team BYAH! Here is the pic:

Nice right? Check out those paint skills. Simply amazing. When the season gets closer to starting, about three weeks, I will put up the roster and stats and crap. It should be pretty funny.



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