Friday, August 04, 2006

11 Hour Happy Hour...

Oh Jesus. The rad one and myself have created a monster called 11 hour happy hour. Bros hang and get drunk during happy hour and then push it to encompass the entire evening. Trust me when I say it is fun to the max and a dangerous proposition. i wish I could show you the pix but they are illegal.

There is a Lucero show this weekend. So you get pictures from the show they played in Brooklyn. I will post 11 hour happy hour pics if they ever happen. Mostly we forget to take them due to our being a-holes. So here are old 'Cero pics. Lame I know but what shall one do.

The first picture with the fake version of Keith Terra is one of my favorite pictures ever. Cap is trying so hard to pretend that picture was not on purpose. He is crazy you are crazy I am crazy. No punctuation see you Monday



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