Monday, August 07, 2006

11 Hour Happy Hour, Conrad said it best...

So the previous post really did a horrible job of describing "11 Hour Happy Hour". I wrote that post last Friday while I was at work. As I read it now I realize that the post was rushed and I really could not wait to get the hell out of the office. That being said I feel I failed "11 Hour Happy Hour".

But then today there was a light. It split through the dark cloud of Friday's post and rained down awesomeness from the heavens upon my wide opened eyes. I was reading Conradical's Myspace blog when I saw he wrote a post about "11 Hour Happy Hour". As I read the post I was amazed. That magnificent bastard did it, he captured the absolute awesome of 11 HHH perfectly.

So I feel I owe it to Conradical, 11 HHH, all of you that may read this and myself to post the Rad ones fantastic thoughts on the phenomenon we like to call "11 Hour Happy Hour". So here it is, an awesome description of an awesome tradition.

And now I'll reveal the secrets of "11 Hour Happy Hour."

In the summer, I've been dismissed from work early because it's really dead and the office is like a ghost town. So I told Kevin (Mortekai) about this and he decided to leave work early too. What developed was the "11 Hour Happy Hour," an event that has quickly grown into a Friday afternoon-into-night tradition and adventure.

It's called 11 Hour Happy Hour because that first week we went out around 4:30pm and I was back home at 3:30am. I kept telling everyone about the "11 happy hours" we had that day and so as we continued to do this every weekend, we started referring to it as 11 Hour Happy Hour.

It's like a TV show where Kevin and I are the hosts and every week we have a special guest. First week it was BC, then Shoe, later Cap, and last week Tara. We've had a couple now with no guests, like yesterday for instance.

We've been to Port Jefferson, Bay Shore, Setauket, Smithtown, Massapequa, Wantagh, and, most recently, Long Beach. We did a Friday in Manhattan too July 4th weekend, but that probably doesn't qualify since it started later and we were in a large crowd.

Sometimes we're so drunk we don't remember how we got home. Other times, like yesterday, we just explore and drink good beers, have some fun and meet up with our friends later.

During this two month stretch of 11 Hour Happy Hours, I've played pool, played darts, played beer pong, done wax shots, gnawed on a bar tap, acquired phone numbers without remembering how or why, chased a dachshund, almost saw a fight, overpaid for a Chili's burger, drank a beer that smelled like a stink bomb, had a slap fight, beat myself with a meat tenderizer, found a place that serves $3 Brooklyn Ale, found another place that serves $5 car bombs, watched a lot of Mets and Yankees games, and drank a lot of Magner's cider and Sparks Black.

It's all about the specials. And if your bar asks me to take me hat off or pay a cover, I'm not going in (see Irish Times, Mulcahey's, Minnesota's, that place that used to be Saints and Sinners etc.).

So that's it. That's 11 Hour Happy Hour. Our Friday Happy Hour trip and softball on Sunday is what's been getting me through the week this summer. Join us next Friday, won't you? I don't know where we're going yet, but we'll probably be thinking about it by Tuesday and suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you Conrad,

P.S. The Lucero show on Saturday was unbelievably awesome. I will get a post up about that show tomorrow or Wednesday depending on when I get pictures. The night was great all around. The show was on a boat that provided some sick views. We got to hear great tunes and we spent time with some of our best friends. Plus I got the chance to talk to some of the guys from the band and they are super nice. More soon, have a great one!


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