Friday, July 07, 2006

Internet no workie so good today...

Yeah I was trying get this post together that I really thought was going to be fun times. Yeah I was doing that. Then my internet browser kept crashing every two seconds. So I will just have to put up two qucik pictures here for now. Hopefully the problem will be dealt with by Monday or I may have to smash this computer over someones's head. See you Monday.

A Superhero who did a bad job of making his costume at home:

At the time I drew this i was thinking about how "real" people would react to being superheroes. How would the character's family be affected etc. I will try post some more about this idea some other time.

Kareoke at Love Net, Roppongi Tokyo:

Yeah I have a ton of good pictures and stories from Tokyo. Just let it be said that the Asahi, Japan's number one beer, was going down too smooth this night. Plus you do not sing in front of an entire bar, you get a room with some friends and get down to some singin. More on this topic at a later date also.

Damn you Internet!!!!


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