Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mortekai Button Set and SUPER! now available...

The Mortekai Buttons are now available! They look real sick and will give you a sense of being supremely cool if you wear them. SUPER! is also available and comes with a fifth Mortekai Button. This will be the only way to get the fifth button.

The Mortekai Buttons are 1" pin back buttons and come in a set of four.

Here is what the set looks like:

SUPER! is two mini-books, both are eight pages, which are completely full of the awesome. The books come packaged in an envelope with a sweet gloss cover. There are two cover options to choose from. You also get a sticker or two. The whole thing is full color and it rocks to the MAX. Plus you get the fifth Mortekai Button that is only available with SUPER!

Here are the two cover options:

Here is what the fifth Mortekai Button that can only be found in SUPER! looks like:

The Mortekai Button set costs three bucks. SUPER! also costs three bucks. Shipping for both items is one dollar if you need the items shipped to you. You could also purchase them directly from me at anytime.

Purchase the Mortekai Button Set and SUPER! to get good Karma. Support the little guy :)

I just wanted to thank everyone who has shown support already and bought SUPER! or the Button Set, you are all the best!

Thanks and keep livin' the dream,


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