Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oh BOY! Coheed for free...

Yeah so there was a free Coheed and Cambria show last night. Needless to say it turned into a late night of fun rocking and seeing old pals. I had the mini there and was able to move a few (thanks for buying them!!) and got a few free drinks along with the free ticket. The only thing that kind of blew was Coheed's set was short and was acoustic. Let me tell you something "A Favor House Atlantic" does not rock as hard or make you want to dance when it is coming out of some acoustic guitar. The only thing it made me want to do was smash the guitar and yell to the band to get on with the rock. But it was free so who cares. I mean its not like I was going to pay forty bucks to see them in the city (that's right New York, Manhattan is THE CITY). Doing that would have cost me another twenty plus in train fare and let me tell you now selling minis is not makin me into Uncle Scrooge over here. Imagine it was though, I could be swimming through all those gold coins in my money bin right now. Dammit, that would be AIRWOLF! Anyway I am tired from the show so instead of a new picture you get an old pic of Cap, dressed as a cowboy, and Shoe, dressed as me, engaged in there favorite sex act. The photo quality sucks but squint, its worth it.

P.S. it was awesome to get a chance to hang out with Tara, Jenny, Christine, Jaci, my sis Katie, and BP. There was late night pool action with Cap, Tim, and Conrad also. You guys rule!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the mentions in any of that even though I waas there for both!!!

1:38 AM, June 01, 2006  

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