Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ideas for newness...

These are two sketches that I am working with. These are pretty preliminary but I like the direction they are going in. Now let's hope I don't mess them up. Or I guess I could never tell you if I messed them up. That would be good. But you may consider that lying and I wouldn't lie to you baby. Well I never lied to you except for that one time I told you there was no pizza left because I wanted the last slice. I mean come on baby pizza is like better than gold. If it was gold I had the last slice of it would have been yours, but it wasn't gold was it? We are talking about pizza here. I needs me some pizza, I needs it bad. So I really don't think you should count that lie. It was more like a white lie anyway, no one got hurt, right? Not even a white lie, that is what I would call a fib. Come on a fib could never hurt anybody. And no more lying (unless pizza is involved).

Pizza is sweetza


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