Monday, April 17, 2006

Super! suprise, we made it back alive. this one is for midnight pizza...

The mission was a success, we all made it back in pretty much one piece. I am still feeling the effects of two majorly rocky nights at sea, while the sickness I brought on board spread to BC and Shoe. Sorry about that boys. The boat itself was awesome it had many a bar, a casino, a rock wall, and yes midnight pizza, it wasn't NY pizza but it was pizza. We competed as a group and received third place in a crazy scavenger hunt on the cruise which consisted of many humiliating acts. Shoe and I skipped around hand in hand on dance floor, while BC took one for the team big time. He had to dress up like a lady, and what a sexy lady he made! He was dressed head to toes in the clothing and apparel of Shoe's sister and mother. Seeing him wearing Shoe's mothers shirt and sisters bra didn't make him any less masculine in my eyes. It was funny as hell, good times. BC also knows how to rock a pair of high heels like no other. Shoe ended up winning two individual awards the title of mister pale legs, which he won during the sexy legs competition, as well as the prestigious king of the hooking-up award. The title of king of hooking-up was bestowed upon Shoe after his conquest of two young ladies. Yes, Shoe is a lady killer. Actually he really gave himself the award, kind of like when Michael Jackson named himself the king of pop but that doesn't make him any less dangerous around the ladies. If I was you I would be checking to see if Shoe was making like a smooth criminal with any female in my family right about now. He may be moon walking away from your house celebrating another victory as you read this. Getting the actual trophy for the award almost resulted in us being locked up in Nassau. Shoe found an open door a few doors down from the bar we were at and wandered on in. He decided to rip a small leg off a table, the local authorities did not like that one too much. Now imagine this, we are all drunk big time and we are getting grilled by a six foot seven inch black man threatening to take us to jail. And then imagine this all happening while Shoe is wearing a cowboy hat. Long story short they let us go with a stern warning. I think he may have just been a security guard but whatever it still made for a scary and memorable moment, thanks Shoe! Michael Jackson himself would be proud of our ability to dodge Johnny law.

Hee Hee!

p.s. if you wanted to know what Shoe is all about here it is summed up in a picture:


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