Thursday, April 06, 2006

SUPER! poor image quality and a late post. i rule...

You: This post went up very late today.

Me: Tough I had some meetings and biznass to conduct!

You: The quality of this picture is not up to par.

Me: Hey I didn't have a chance to scan a better quality image of this man. I got five kids to feed! Well not really but I was busy yesterday, really busy. Really, really busy.

You: I have a sneaking suspicion you were not that busy.

Me: Oh, I was busy. I cleaned my room, ate dinner, read a few comics, had a snack, played a video game, then ate some soup while I watched a movie. That's like 7 things I did man! SEVEN! Nine if you count making my snack and soup. I am only one man and though I may be SUPER! Superman I am not. Unless I am rocking out to the extreme, then I actually do become Superman. I have the pictures to prove it.

You: Those excuses are so very childish.

Me: I'll show you CHILDISH!

You: Ouch! Ahh, you are messing up my hair! Ugh! OW! My cardigan! Ack! No, not my wide rimmed glasses!

Me: HAHAHAHA! Talk this and that and this!

Something very similar to that may go down should anyone feel the need to complain about today's post. A fury so intense would be unleashed that Satan himself would bellow from the bowels of his inky black soul, "DAAAAMNNNN!" that's right the fury would be so outrageous that the devil himself would feel sorry for you. And if you think I am kidding, try me. BECAUSE I WOULD LOVE IT!!!

These drawings be Airwolf and that is all you need to know. Thank you :)


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