Tuesday, April 04, 2006


SUPER and Mortekai working hand in hand?!? The Multiverse must be collapsing! Run for your life! Earth-1 is folding in on Earth-2! Dogs and Cats are living TOGETHER! Up is down, down is up! Superman HATES Lois Lane! The words coming out of President Bush's mouth actually make sense! AHHHH!!! Ok I may have exaggerated. Its not that earth shattering that Mortekai and SUPER would cross streams. And all that stuff I wrote is not really happening. I do however think sometimes it is fun to freak out and pretend crazy stuff is going to happen. It makes anything else I may have to do during a normal day seem less crappy/boring. Also if you see someone's freak out face you probably have just seen the funniest face they can possibly make. Think about it, imagine a time where one or more of your friends were freaking out. Maybe they had just witnessed there parents doing it, ouch that will definitely burn the retinas. Or maybe your friend just realized there are no more applejacks in the house! Either way the face your friend would be making at those times of dire peril would be the most awesomely funny faces they could ever make.

This drawing was sketched out on sticker paper with some ball point pens and a few highlighters. Then the image got scanned into photoshop for some minor tweaks. I think I am going to put it in the upcoming SUPER! mini-comic, which should be out by the middle to end of April. I am also thinking of using this as a Kai design for shirts and stickers, but I have to clean it up a little bit for the printing process.


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