Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Stayin Alive...

College. Yes this is what I did in college. I dressed up like a porn star from the 70's. Yes that is my chest hair ripping out of my ruffley pink shirt. No those pants are not to tight, in the 70's the pants could never be to tight. If they would have thought of it back then people would have painted their jeans on. Just like Demi Moore did on the cover of Vanity Fair. I also made friends with an Elton John look alike, he was a real dandy of a man. We would tear it up, night fever style, at all the disco places on campus. Those were the days man, those were the DAYS!. Dig it!

This picture was from a costume contest and my friends and I won the group prize. But I do wish I had chest hair like that. Imagine having chest hair like that, you would never have to wear anything heavier than a T-Shirt or a button down. You could be like, "Man it is warm out today." while snow would be falling all around you. You would be like a grizzly bear. A hairy, hairy, human grizzly bear. That would be Airwolf.

Anyway, here is a picture for anyone who may want to cleanse out their eyeballs. Markers are fun to drawer with.



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