Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the sixth, DING!

VIDEO GAMES! I think I should make it clear that video games are pretty sweet. Especially sweet are video games from the break. Now I have three words for you, Ms, Pac, Man. That's right Ms Pac Man is fun as hell. What you say? Ms Pac Man is nothing more than Pac Man himself with a bow on his head? I can't believe you would say that! That is outrageous no matter how correct you may be! I mean come on, if Pac Man likes to sometimes wear a bow and pretend that he is the most beautiful girl that he has ever seen who are you to judge? I say good for him/her! Pac Man may have multiple personalities, he may cross dress, but their game is FUN AS HELL. Running around eating pellets, chomping on some ghosts, chasing after crazy bouncing fruits. Seriously who doesn't love playing Ms Pac Man? Who, I ask you WHO!?!

Though I have just shared my love for Pac Man and his deranged split personalities, this design is a tribute to all old school games. The simple graphics, sounds, and game play are what make games of the past so great. Games like this really put you in the moment. Amplification through simplification. While playing you really can imagine yourself running in a crazy maze chasin' down some pellets while trying to flee from some dumb ghosts. Oh but how those ghosts would pay if you got the super pellet. Chomp, chomp, chomp. This is what the simplicity of the design is about. It is immediate and fun.

I am hoping to make a few other designs that will fit into this same theme, capturing the fun and simplicity of video games. Actually all Mortekai designs will be released with group themes. The designs will follow their theme with each separate design adding a part to the greater overall whole.

I leave you with one more word, Galaga. Eat that one.



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