Friday, April 07, 2006

the seventh, he's wearing a hat...

Ahh yes this bear has style. Check out that hat, Airwolf to the max. And my man knows how to keep it classy with a tie, which he tied himself. I wish I could do that, I had to have my little brother tie mine the other day, that was embarrassing. My fourteen year old brother had to tie my tie. Dammit why don't I know how to tie my own tie? Also why am I so bad at math? And for that matter I feel that I hear the phrase "That's ok it happens to everyone." way to much for my liking. I mean come on if I go seven for ten that's like batting .700 man. That is well above average. Plus I was really tired, give me a break! Whatever, you smell like a burger and I don't like you anymore anyway!

Well I better let that go before it gets out of hand. This design was actually one of the first to be done for the kai shirts. That lightning bolt is sweet and the bear is a manimal. He may look cute but that is only a trick to lure you in. He's a real tom cat. This design shall be hitting shirts and bags I believe.



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