Tuesday, March 28, 2006

the third, skulls are cool and tough...

Yes that is right, to be tough and cool, you must like skulls. We all have a skull don't we? It would be kinda stupid if you disliked them. Imagine not having a skull. You would walk around with a deflated balloon for a head. Think about that. Gross. I know i would hate it if my head deflated.

This design was from a little sketch i did in my notebook. It started as a skull and some spider webs and other generic stuff. I then got to thinking if I kind of meshed the Mortekai name around like a messed up web it would look good and have another meaning. It does to me at least. Maybe it can for you too. I have a mock up of this shirt done and i will try and post a picture of it. This will be on T-shirts and hoodies.

Skulls and MORTEKAI


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